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On this page, you'll find some helpful information regarding product and services. Please look closely at this information so you understand some of the conditions and limitations that apply to certain products. While it would be impossible for us to account for all of the variables for each product within the ProFile Quoting System, please keep in mind that we may contact you after a quote to clarify or discuss issues that may concern the products on your quote.

Product Notes

Lengths - Some trees don't yield long or wide lumber, so we can't satisfy orders for many products in those types species. Even in the species that do yield longer lengths, we may not be able to satisfy large quantities. We ask for reasonable expectations when it comes to large orders of long lengths or orders for long materials in species that don't have long length lumber. We make an effort to be very clear about the potential length mix or limited access to long lengths that is common with certain species. Please read any alerts on your quote or on screen so you understand that.

Widths - Some products don't yield wide widths, so we may have to glue for width. Below is a basic chart showing the typical products that you could or should expect to be glued for width.  Please note that color and grain variation may occur when we glue for width.


Lead Times - your quote should always include a lead time. We work very hard to meet that lead time. We expect that you see it and understand it when you get estimates, so keep that in mind on timely orders. Occasionally, we may have to extend lead times due to raw material availability or other conditions beyond our control. We'll do our best to keep you updated. Additionally, on occasion, when materials and other circumstances allow, we may be able to offer expedited services at an upcharge.

Pricing Errors - Our online quoting system uses a data feed extracted from our main system and occasionally errors or artifacts exist. We work hard to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, but on occasions where a mis-price occurs, we reserve the right to correct it and provide accurate pricing or refuse an order based on inaccurate pricing.

Cutbacks & Developing Headers - certain products will come with cutbacks or developed headers. These are materials that didn't pass inspection for the entire length and we cut out defects and salvage the usable lengths. This is our responsibility as good stewards of the natural resource that we use. When it applies, we've worked hard to ensure it is clear when they'll be included, but there may be times when it doesn't say in-line or in the cart. By policy, it will apply to specified length orders of 50 pieces or more. If you refuse them, there is an appropriate upcharge for that. Our Fingerjoint Primed Poplar program is primarily all the full advertised lengths, but there may be occasional cutbacks with it, as well.

Knotty / Rustic - certain species are available in Knotty or Rustic variations. While it's nearly impossible to satisfy everyone's expectation about what is "not knotty enough" or "too knotty", we have a very consistent standard that we adhere to and believe is acceptable. If you have any concerns prior to order, please contact your account manager to discuss. If your concern is things being too knotty, always order the clear alternative (if available). 

Minimums - Certain products may have a minimum. Alerts should be read carefully so you understand when you've quoted such a product. There may be times when we have small amounts of material on hand and can offer below the minimum, but assume we do not and everything is run to order and the minimums will need to be met in order to fulfill your order.

Large Volume & Project Estimates - The ProFile Quoting System has most of the Ferche standard catalog in a variety of species. While it's an excellent and accurate tool to quote those items, it's not set-up to account accordingly for larger volume orders and project quotes. In such cases, there may be additional volume price adjustments or potentially additional labor or material procurement that would need to be accounted for. Therefore, if you use the system to quote larger quantities or projects, Ferche may need to revise the pricing, timelines or charges to account for the variable factors. Some items do not allow you to quote larger quantities, but some will allow you to do so and may require a revision. For larger projects and volume orders, we suggest you contact your account manager to obtain a more accurate quote and/or verify the quote you produced through the system.

Fire-Rated Products - All of our fire ratings are registered through either Intertek or QAI. If you are not certified by those agencies, we will have to machine (preps for hinges and strikes) the fire-rated products for you.  Don't assume that if you're certified by one, but not the other, that the products you're quoting will be certified by your preferred agency. Some products require us to use certifications from one agency over another, some we choose at our discretion and/or material availability. ALWAYS ask to make sure you understand the machining implications. 

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